a list: honestly

-thrush is no fun, and i haven’t ever taken it seriously.
-a plugged duct (probably due to thrush) is scary
-a milk blister (due to the plugged duct that was probably due to thrush) is painful. for days now. (yes, i am treating it).
-i haven’t been writing much at all, but that feels okay. i’ll get there.
-thomas continues to teethe. nothing has broken through yet, but every day he gets a little fussier with it. more determined. more vocal.
-he’s getting bigger, and i’m getting stronger. arms that carry, back that lifts, legs that squat down to pick things up while carrying 15 pounds of child.
-i’m still losing hair like mad, and it’s really bugging me.
-i still don’t weigh what i want to weigh. i still don’t look how i want to look. but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
-postpartum sex is turning out to be awesome… when we can actually find the opportunity to do it.
-i’m tired of waking up to a weather report of something like “currently 23 degrees. feels like 12.” ready for spring.
-it’s taking a lot of willpower not to finish off the 1/4 loaf of irish soda bread left from yesterday.
-sometimes thomas makes noises like a tiny dinosaur, and it’s completely earth-shatteringly adorable.


2 thoughts on “a list: honestly

  1. I’m still losing hair. It’s been two years, or almost five. I can’t remember now.

    Have you treated the thrush with gentian violet? And a bit of fenugreek to boost the milk back up, if you need it. You’ll smell like maple and licorice. The smells will always be entwined with this time. But it will help.

    • i’ve had no problem with supply, and i’m using grapefruit seed extract (ingested and topically applied) + probiotics (ingested) + coconut oil on the blister itself. everything feels like it’s 100% better, but it’s yeast, so i’m continuing treatment for at least another week.

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