a list: worries

-he’s not growing longer – he’s been in the same onesies for months, and didn’t (by the pediatrician’s measurements) grow in length at all from 4 to 6 months.

-he’s not crawling. and he can’t sit himself up.

-i haven’t followed through with EC. or with sign language (we’re trying to start now).

-i don’t play constructively enough with him. i sing the same five songs over and over, and i don’t know what skills to be encouraging. i don’t know how to help build him up.

-we’ve been cosleeping since the start (that’s not the worry). from his second to third month, he was sleeping through the night (6-8 hours straight) regularly in his cradle. we haven’t seen that since, and i’m tiring of the baby in my bed, tiring of not being able to choose between nuzzling into the crook of my husband’s arms or sleeping untouched by another, tiring of nursing nursing nursing. we sort of decided not to sleep ‘train’ until mark’s done teaching for the year, but i am so tired of things as they are. do i have mark try to soothe him when he wakes at night? do we take him from the toddler bed pressed against ours and give him a floor bed elsewhere in our room? or in his room? what do we do?

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