oh, my love,

tomorrow you will be three years old. three trips around the sun since you burst into the world, superhero fist held high. you are thomas the trickster, thomas the troublemaker, thomas the torch these days, pushing against every boundary there is, raising your voice against the noise of the world. as you’ve neared three, your little body has begun to quiver with a fierceness that is amazing, electrifying, and not a little intimidating, and your father and I work hard to walk the line between teaching you respect and love and allowing you the space to work out all of your tremendous energy.

you are kind at the most unexpected of moments, telling your brother that everything will be okay when he cries, bringing me flowers from our yard, saving the last piece of dutch baby pancake for your father to have when he comes home. you are creative and clever, crafting intricate stories to go along with all that you build with duplos, Lincoln Logs, train tracks, and blocks. we are constantly hearing about what duck, tom the fireman, and collie dog are up to, not to mention the people who drive all of your trucks (bernice! pepe! and lazy ethel…). you love to be helpful, whether it’s cooking, baking, laundry, yard work, or shopping.

you have limbs that get longer every day, a face that gets leaner no matter how much food you devour (especially breakfast!). you go to school three days a week now. three, three, it’s a number that’s important to so many people for so many reasons, and I think this year that you are three will be no exception.

much love to you, il mio ragazzo.