Octobr 9, 2017

Rosemary, celery, corn husks and pumpkin flesh
The sunken bed of a cranberry bog
A white deer, or two.
One boy, but usually two.
Robert Plant releases a new record
Neil Young an old one
and Tom Petty passes away
but not without making us all pause and
watch for a moment.
Ishiguro—not Atwood—wins the Pulitzer.
Legos. Pasta fagioli. More coffee.
One hurricane, then two,
followed by a third.
One shooting, then two,
followed by an infinite grieving of shootings.
The autobiography of Malcolm X.
Webbed clouds and woodsmoke.
Light the color of Tokaj,
twining leafy vines the color of Malbec.
Driving onto the bridge, into the fog.
Driving over a canal of smoke, with
a single, slow barge boat wading through.

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